God and Science: 
Led by microbiologist and physician Dr. Ld Herzog, God and Science will delve into the mysteries and microscope of the Creator and the amazing connection of faith and science. Discover the genius of God’s design and be equipped with a greater understanding of how science underscores the presence of God.
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Marriage and Family: 
How to Answer Some of Your Kids' Most Difficult Questions
Join Dr. Jimmy Myers as he takes on one of the key challenges in parenting~how to answer our kids most difficult questions. From issues in faith to life choices, Dr. Myers will help equip you with approaches and techniques for some of the toughest questions in parenting.
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Getting Aligned with God: 
Reclaiming your spiritual authority is about getting your life and your key relationships into alignment under God’s authority. This class is for all people, at all stages, whether married or single. Does your life feel chaotic? Do you feel disorganized?   Do your relationships feel shallow? These are symptoms of being out of alignment with God.  Join us as we learn how to calibrate our lives by God’s standard. Led by Steve and Susan Casey.
A fresh year is on the calendar. And you may have made some resolutions. But statistics tell us that most of us will not follow through. How do we break through procrastination, excuses, and a drop in motivation to accomplish what we aspire to? Join Pastor Julie Lyles Carr and special guest teachers as we navigate setting and reaching goals in key areas of our lives.
Do you know what you believe? Do you know why? Do you have a heart for the Lord, for the church...but you feel like there is so much you still don't know, areas of the faith and the Bible that you haven't had a chance to learn yet? Join us for Foundations, a series of classes that will lay a strong foundation for your spiritual journey. Based on The Purple Book and led by Pastor Randy and a team of LifeAustin pastors and guest teachers, Foundations will equip you, take you to the next level in your faith, and provide you with solid Biblical tools for the path.
Bible Blast:
Bible Blast combines family Bible reading during the week with a high energy, rewards-based Wednesday evening program.  This is a fun, dynamic approach to learning the Bible, and is an excellent way for you and your child to go through the whole Bible in a year.  With an optional memory program and weekly prizes, it’s an exciting way for your child to learn to love the word of God!  Available for Kindergarten through 5th graders, Bible Blast is a great way to incorporate meaningful family devotions into your weekly routine. Registration is required for ALL Bible Blasters.
LifeStudents is a dynamic ministry for middle school and high school students! Wednesday nights will be dedicated to building relationships and growing in Christ together through practical, customized Bible studies that meet students in each season of their lives. Come join us as we experience the Lord through community and His word!
Join us for a time of praise and worship, exploration, and teaching about the Holy Spirit and His presence and impact in our lives. Led by Pastor George Oakes, Michael Gotcher, and Bill Gunn, SpiritLife is a powerful and unique mid-week experience, encountering the indwelling of the Counselor, Comforter, and Teacher known as the Holy Spirit.



LifeKids Create: 
Watch as your Elementary Student learns about our Master Designer through creative expression and personal instruction in a traditional art class setting. LifeKids Create! starts on January 11th at 7:00pm and goes through during LifeUniversity.
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